Daniel McKewen


Daniel McKewen's practice focuses on cinema, the entertainment industry, and the creative, critical, and emotional behaviors of its fans. His work explores the intersections between his roles as an artist and a fan as he engages with and consumes all manner of popular culture. McKewen appropriates and re-edits elements from film, television, print, and online media in order to create new transformative digital videos and installations that can act as forms of complicit critique. In doing so, these artworks examine and reconfigure the affective experience of fandom and artistic practice; exploring how our subjective and inter-subjective interactions with pop culture can allow us to ‘make sense’ of our own social experience.

In 2013 Daniel received his PhD from Queensland University of Technology, where in 2006 he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours. He has exhibited in shows nationally and internationally, and his work is held in public and private collections. McKewen is a founding member, board member, and collaborator in Boxcopy.