D Harding

The Leap/Watershead 2017, ochre on linen, 180 x 240 cm
Ten metres of couture silk stained with hematite 2021, Silk satin, hematite and beefwood tannins, 1000 x 140 cm, Photo: Sam Hartnett
D Harding, with Hayley Matthew, Installation view of 'Know them in correct judgement - Gami' 2020, Ochre on 180gsm Arches paper, (cold pressed, grano fino paper), Dimensions variable (6 panels, each 175 x 113 cm), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Untitled (private painting H1) 2019, dry pigment, acrylic and gum arabic on linen, 6 parts: 3 x (150 x 250 cm), 3 x (150 x 150 cm), Photo: Andrew Curtis.
Installation view, Dale Harding: Through a lens of visitation, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2021.
D Harding: ‘Environment is part of who you are’ - Tate Shots 2019, https://www.tate.org.uk/art/dale-harding-environment-part-who-you-are
Site Surveys / International Standard 2019, acrylics, dried pigments, Gum Arabic and glass, Fagor Factory, 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale
What is theirs is ours now (I do not claim to own) 2018, Reckitt's blue, ochre, dry pigment and binder on linen, 2 panels, 180 x 240 cm each, installation view
Emetic painting 1 (ceremony for toxic masculinities) 2018, dry pigment, Gum Arabic, pastel and pencil on fabriano paper, 200 x 151 cm
Ceremony for toxic masculinities (hello darling) 2019, HD video, audio and installation, 35 mins, installation view
We breathe together (detail) 2021, Ochres, ultramarine pigment and charcoal on glass, twelve panels: 22 x 45 cm each, 22 x 405 cm total, Photo: Sam Hartnett
The boys 2020-21, Xanthorrhoea resin on glass and Corymbia maculata gum on glass, 2 parts: 180 x 12 x 1.9 cm; 172 x 12 x 1.9 cm, Photo: Sam Hartnett
Body of Objects (artist's proof) 2017, silicone, steel nails, timber, dimensions variable, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Wall Composition in Bimbird and Reckitts Blue 2018, Reckitt's Blue, ochre, Gum Arabic, custom-made plinths, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial
Know them in correct judgement 2017, rosewood, book, ochre and charcoal wall painting, The National: New Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales

D Harding works in a wide variety of media to explore the visual and social languages of their communities as cultural continuum. A descendant of the Bidjara, Ghungalu and Garingbal peoples, they draw upon and maintain the spiritual and philosophical sensibilities of their cultural inheritance within the framework of contemporary art internationally.

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