Peter Kennedy

Snare 1972, Snare drum, side drum, chair, amplifier, tape deck, speakers, drumsticks, three photographs, Overall 300 x 120 x 80 cm approx. (variable)
And And And 1992 (completed 2019), Charcoal, ink, other media on paper, 4 panels, overall; 268 x 425 cm
But the fierce blackman 1971-2002, detail
Body Concert Part 2: Extended 1971-2015 (clip), Five channel digital video and sound, monitors, surround sound, Dimensions variable
Siren: The North 1993, Loudspeaker with whistle mounted on steel pole and base with microphone, tripod, cylinder of compressed air, three monitors with video tape loops, two loudspeakers and audio tape recording. Television commercials of the period – looped; international travel, refrigerator, food, luxury car.
Snare (clip) 1972, Snare drum, side drum, chair, amplifier, tape deck, speakers, drumsticks, three photographs
Neon Light Installation 1970, Neon
People who died the day I was born- April 18, 1945 (part 2) 1997-98, neon, fluorescent tubes with text, metal, MDF, overall 58 x 1108 x 6.5 cm approx
Fugue (detail) 1971-2015, Eleven channel digital video and sound installation, Dimensions variable
The Presence of the Past 1993, Marching drums (with marching snare), 9” and 5” black and white monitors, two loudspeakers, tape recorded marching and other intermittent, amplified sound. Stalin’s hands, refigured as wings (The Angel of History). German army, marching, 1939-40
The Photographs' Story 2004-ongoing, Single channel digital video, sound, newspaper (framed), 5:28 duration
Silent Manifesto 1971-2001, Pigment inkjet prints, 111.6 x 76.2 cm
Music of Spheres 1971-2001, Pigment inkjet print, 111.6 x 76.2 cm
Standing Variations 1970-2001, Pigment inkjet print, 49 x 152.4 cm

Peter Kennedy has been acknowledged as an exceptional, influential experimenter of art forms and content since early 1970. His experimentation with diverse media produced some of the earliest exhibitions in Australia of works using sound, video, film, performance and conceptualism as primary expressive elements that have continued to move through his practice over the years.

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