Tania Bruguera

UNNAMED, 2020. Installation view for the 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020), Cockatoo Island., Originally commissioned by Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA for presentation at the 22nd Biennale of Sydney. Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Image credit to Zan Wimberley.
10,148,415 (The Crying Room), Aichi Triennale 2019, Interactive Installation, Arte de Conducta, 1400 x 1400 x 300 cm
Monument to New Immigrants 2017, Welded steel armature and unfired clay sculpture. Piece was exposed to outside conditions and would deteriorate. It would be continually replaced for duration of exhibition., The project was realised in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, John Greig, Gary Pergolini, Britta Valles, and Alessandra Saviotti (Estudio Bruguera).
Video for School of Integration for Manchester International Festival 2019, Arte Util, Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and Manchester Art Gallery. Video thumbnail credit to Michael Pollard.
Self-Sabotage 2009, Lecture/Performance, Variable, This piece is only shown as an installation, with no living component. Image courtesy of Estudio Bruguera.
Tatlin's Whisper #5 2008, Decontextualisation of an action, Unannounced Performance, Behaviour Art, Variable, Image courtesy of Estudio Bruguera
Untitled (Havana, 2000) 2000, Video performance and installation, 400 x 1200 x 5000 cm, Image courtesy of Estudio Bruguera.
Tatlin's Whisper #6 (Havana Version) 2009, Decontextualisation of an action, Behaviour Art, Variable, Image courtesy of Estudio Bruguera.
El peso de la culpa (The Burden of Guilt) 1997, Re-enactment of a historical event. Endurance performance with decapitated lamb, rope, water, salt, Cuban flag made out of human hair/fabric
Tribute To Ana Mendieta (Homenaje a Ana Mendieta) 1985, Long-term project of re-creation of Ana Mendieta's artworks, unrealised projects, lectures, exhibitions, interviews and texts., Centro de Desarollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana, 1992. © Gonzalo Vidal Alvarado.

Tania Bruguera (b. 1968, Cuba) is an artist and activist whose performances and installations examine political power structures and their effect on society's most vulnerable people. Her provocative works explore the ways in which art can be applied to everyday political life, tackling global issues of power, migration, censorship and repression in ways that turn “viewers” into “citizens”, seeking to transform social affect into political effectiveness. For Bruguera, art is a platform where new political potentials can be tested, performed and realised.

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